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  • Liquid inoculants for farms and seed companies
    Liquid inoculants for farms and seed companies

    Easy and simple application right on the farm.

  • Long shelf life
    Long shelf life

    Long application window (7 days for farm application, 120 days for seed companies) and high content of live and resistant bacteria.

Solution for farms Easy and simple inoculation of seeds right on the farm!
Can be applied on already stained seeds. 
High content of live bacteria.
  • Application right on the farm
  • Long application window (up to 7 days)
  • 3l of product is sufficient for 1 t of seeds
Solution for seed companies Quality and modern products for seed companies.
Liquid inoculants for easy application. 
High content of live bacteria.
  • Easy and simple application
  • Long appliaction window (up to 120 days)
  • 4l of product is sufficient for 1t of seeds

Quality and modern liquid inoculation products for legume seed from Legume Technology, Ltd. from Great Britain.

The LIQUIFiX® inoculants are successfully used in pre-sowing soybean, pea, lupine and other legume seed not only in countries with advanced legume technology, such as Canada, Brazil, etc., but are also rapidly gaining popularity in emerging markets, especially in Europe.

High-quality seedbed inoculation contributes to the rapid and even emergence of crops with rapid plant growth, while suppressing emerging weeds.

Why to apply quality inoculants?

The legume roots with enough nodules are able to provide up to 70% of the nitrogen that plants need for their growth from the air. Roots nodules are created by symbiosis with bacteria that are present in the soil. Due to the low intensity of legume cultivation, there is not enough bacteria present in the soil and it is necessary to supply them by seed inoculation.

Plants are able to use nitrogen obtained by fixation from the air much better for the formation and growth of the root system and fruits than nitrogen supplied through the soil. The use of inoculants is necessary in fields where legumes have not yet been grown, under conditions of dry but also too moist soil. We also recommend inoculation where insufficient yield has been achieved in recent years, or the nodules have formed insufficiently.